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How Can Number2 Help Graduate Educators?
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Graduate admissions officers often review applications from a very broad range of backgrounds: large U.S. research universities, small liberal arts colleges, European universities, the Far East, and many other places. The GRE provides a uniform benchmark of applicants' abilities across this very diverse range of undergraduate institutions. However, the availability of test preparation services varies enormously among these different areas, due to differences in testing cultures and financial resources both within and between countries.

Number addresses this inequality in test preparation access by providing universal access to high-quality free services. Our goals are twofold. First, we want to help applicants (and undergraduate guidance counsellors) by providing equal access to our test preparation services regardless of their location and financial resources. Second, we want to help graduate admissions officers by minimizing the bias that can creep into GRE test scores when applicants have widely varying levels of access to test preparation materials.

If you are an adviser to undergraduates applying to graduate schools, you might recommend our services. If you are a graduate admissions officer, and you are interested in having applicants who have had access to excellent GRE preparation, why not put a link on your department or school's website? Send your prospective students to before they take the test.

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