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Frequently Asked Questions About the SAT

Should I take the test two or more times?

Perhaps you've taken the SAT already. If you go back and take it again, (without having put in an extended effort at test preparation), then your score may go up or down at most a few points. Don't think that just taking it again guarantees you a higher score. It's easy to look at your first score as a lower bound ("Okay, I'm at least a 1060"), but remember that you might have gotten lucky. Maybe the next time you'll find it more difficult, or you'll be more tired, or you won't enjoy the reading passage as much. Among juniors and seniors who retake the test, there is a tendency to improve slightly, but a sizable fraction of people actually get a lower score.

If you know that something went wrong the first time, and if you know you can be in a better position to retake the test, then by all means go for it. But unless you know why you might be better off the next time you take the test, what's the point? Don't treat the test like a lottery ticket: "Maybe this time I'll win."

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